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It’s Time To Prioritise Your Wellbeing

Empowering women through therapy & coaching
to find their unique path to a thriving life.

Hello & Welcome!

I help women to prioritise their wellbeing, find self-acceptance & inner calm through strong mind/body wellbeing foundations delivered through bespoke science-backed 1:1 therapy & coaching sessions.

LAUREN WILD MSc.Specialist
Wellbeing P
sychologist for Women

Do you ever find yourself

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Being told you're 'too sensitive!'?

Overwhelmed easily?

Suffering from indecision or anxiety?

Battling against procrastination or perfectionism?

Feeling like you put everyone else's needs above your own?

Frustrated that no amount of 'self-care' really solves the underlying issues?

Annoyed by traditional coaching or self-help advice that doesn't actually create the deep change you're after?

If any of the above resonate with you, get in touch to have a free "cuppa & a chat zoom" to see how I can help.
It's time for something that really works...
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Have you had counselling or coaching in the past and come away feeling like you didn't get the deep change you needed to truly thrive?

I am one of only a handful of Positive Psychology Coaches that are qualified at university Masters level who are also able to offer therapy to my clients.

I also have 20 years of experience in the industry. 

If you feel that talking about your goals and saying affirmations is not having the impact you'd like them to have, that's because you're probably building on rocky foundations.

Let's work together to see if we can change the narrative of your life, improve your inner dialogue and build strong foundations so you can truly thrive. 

I use a science-backed approach to help my clients and passionately believe everyone can move from languishing to flourishing.


Wellbeing Psychologist

Trauma-informed Therapist

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Specialist Coach

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Ways I can help you

With over 20 years in the industry, I have amassed a large number of tools in my toolbox to help you. I create bespoke experiences for my clients to give you exactly what you need. Here are some of my key services but for more info, click on the pictures or buttons for more about the packages and services I offer.



I offer inner child healing, time line therapy, shadow work & narrative therapy to name a few. I use hypnotherapeutic states to get my clients the best results, making changes at an inner core level where most therapy & coaching fears to tread. This delivers life-changing results for my clients worldwide.


Evidence-Based Therapy & Coaching

Having gained a distinction in my Masters in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching, you know I bring very high standards to my sessions. I apply science-backed practices & help you to move from languishing to flourishing. We work on strengths, values, building strong wellbeing foundations & daily practices.


Specialist HSP Therapeutic coaching

I have recently carried out research into the wellbeing practices of flourishing, highly sensitive women. This allows me to support highly sensitive women to truly thrive in both their mind and body. I also specialise in working with introverts, empaths and creative women. We need an individualised approach to wellbeing & I help my clients achieve this.

"I hadn't heard of high sensitivity til I met Lauren and it was like she turned on a light for me. Suddenly everything made sense but she also helped me adapt to this new way of seeing my world. I highly recommend her."

S.L. England

"Lauren helped me with letting go of some negative things from my childhood. I knew I didn't have any major trauma in my past but always had such a negative inner voice. This change work has just made such a difference and I know now how important it was to get this sorted. It was really holding me back in my business and home life."

U.D. Dubai

"I didn't know about positive psychology or hypnosis other than the stage stuff from years ago. This was totally different. Lauren knows so much of the science and I just feel in really good hands. I am so much better at looking after myself now and that has helped me with my kids."

J.P. Canada

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"Do the inner work so you don't have to rely on external energy to make you feel whole." Anon

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