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About Me


I'm Lauren

I help highly sensitive, empathic or introverted women find out how to flourish, moving out of survival mode and into a place where they can thrive.

I take the current research & combine it with my 20 years of experience to bring you tools, strategies and support to make long-lasting changes to your overall wellbeing.  
Do you feel like you need someone to listen but also help you make changes and find ways to thrive? I can help you.

My Story


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In a sentence or two, explain exactly what a potential clients will gain from your business.

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Your Values

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What bigger picture in life drives your business?


The Lauren Wild Podcast

I started a podcast in 2022 and will be adding more episodes this year.


I like to cover any subjects relating to wellbeing that I feel passionately about.


Focussing in on individual pathways to wellbeing especially for highly sensitive or high sensing individuals (my personal preferred term) and introversion. The show is for everyone looking to move from languishing to flourishing from a science-backed perspective.


Send me a message if you have any topics you'd like me to discuss or if you are up for a collaboration, let me know and we'll book it in!


Please get in touch if you would like to discuss collaborating.

I am currently looking for reciprocal interviews on my podcast: The Lauren Wild Podcast, and welcome any invitations for speaking engagements or course collaboration.  


My main topics that I am able to expertly discuss include: 

  • Positive Psychology for mind/body health

  • High Sensitivity & Introversion, Female empowerment

  • The science behind hypnosis & its beneficial applications in therapy

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